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Welcome to Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. a premier Distributor, Sales, Service and Calibration Facility for Load Limit Switches, Force Control and Measurement Products

Cranegard® Clamp on Cable Overload Protection

Utilizing over 70 years of force measurement expertise, the Dillon family presents Dillon's Cranegard® load limit switch–providing the ultimate clamp-on cable overload protection. Always easy to install–just minutes with a screwdriver and Allen wrench–this mechanically actuated force control and overload protection switch is an affordable, effective warning system.

Cranegard® load limit switch Service and Calibration is available through Dillon's expert teachnicians. Click here for more information.

Cranegard® Overload Protection Usage

Designed for usage where it is not possible to mount a DynaSwitch®, the Cranegard® clamps on cables for wire rope hoist, elevator and crane overload prevention and slackline detection.

Cranegard® Limit Switch Installation

Installation is simplicity itself . Clamp the Cranegard® directly onto a slack hoist or crane wire rope quickly without severing rope or interrupting service. Up to four switches can be furnished. The Cranegard® load limit device actuates immediately when the pre-set load limit is exceeded.

cable overhead protection
DynaSwitch® and Cranegard® Brochure

*Basic units can accommodate 1,2,3 or 4 of option B or 1 or 2 of option C switches
1. Ultimate safety factor of all units is 2:1 (1.8:1 for metric capacities)
2. Cable should be IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) with as many strands
as possible.
3. Wire rope selection for any application for proper safety factor is a customer
4. Calibration performed with rope diameter specified at order.

If specified when you place your order, Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. will set the Cranegard® load limit switches to trigger at your desired loads.

Basic Cranegard® Unit

Cranegard® Unit Dimensions

Cranegard® Overload Protection Options

Option B:

Cranegard® Weatherproof Low Differential Travel Switch

Also used on DynaSwitch® (DSW-3, DSW-5, DSW-6, DSW-7)

This versatile low differential travel switch has a neoprene gasket around the housing halves for a tight seal. It comes with an elastomer seal boot around the actuator and sealed conduit connectors. Die cast aluminum housing meets NEMA1 and 4 enclosures. Single pole, double throw, 0.002" travel. 15 amps, 125, 250, or 480 VAC. ¼ amp, 250 VDC. Maximum 4 per unit. Switch thread size: 14, 3½" threads minimum. Includes plastic cable strain relief. Operating temperature range: -25°F (-32°C) to 160°F (71°C).

Option C:

Cranegard® Explosion-proof Limit Switch

Also used on DynaSwitch® (DSW-3, DSW-5, DSW-6, DSW-7)

Cranegard®'s explosion-proof limit switch is designed to be used in hazardous locations (Class I, Div. I, groups C & D; Class II, groups E, F & G).
Flame paths located in its housing act to cool exploding gases. Single pole, double throw. Aluminum enclosure. (Not sealed against liquid.) UL and CSA listed. 20 amps, 125, 250, or 480 VAC. Maximum 2 per unit. Includes plastic cable strain relief. Operating temperature range:
-40°F (-40°C) to 160°F (71°C).

For the ultimate clamp-on load limit switches, Cranegard
® by Dillon Quality Plus is the only choice. Contact us today and work directly with the Dillon family–pioneers in overload protection for over 70 years.

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