Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Presents Straightpoint Loadshackles and Loadpins:

Making the lifting industry a safer place

Load Shackle

Whether you are doing heavy lifting, checking off shore mooring anchor settings, or crane and hoist calibration, Dillon’s Straightpoint Loadshackles are the perfect solution for accurate load testing/monitoring.

Available in both wired and wireless configurations, Straight point’s load cells are available in stock in capacities ranging from 3.25t to 120t and may be ordered up to 1550t. Each is manufactured from Crosby’s industry leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy BoltType Anchor Shackles (3.25te - 120te) and the GNH10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle (200te on up).

To ensure extra accuracy, both the Straightpoint wired and wireless loadshackles have a large tooling range, allowing for engineers to calibrate in shackle.

Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackles: the preferred choice of the Marine, Oil and Gas, Entertainment Industries

Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackles are perfect for those areas where headroom is limited. Each load cell is proof tested. After testing, the unit is fitted with a waterproof hard anodized aluminum electronics enclosure containing an internal chassis, providing IP76/NEMA6 environmental protection.

Employing the latest wireless technology with ranges of 700m/2300ft, Straightpoint’s Wireless Loadshackles are supplied with an update rate of 3Hz and are easily capable of programming to run at speeds of up to 200Hz. Data is wirelessly transmitted using 2.4 GHz technology. This provides safe, high integrity, error free transmission of both static weight and dynamic load. Logged data is captured and formatted using .csv, opening in Excel for a user friendly visual presentation, easy to read analysis of logged data, and test certificate generation.

With a full array of wireless accessories available, it’s easy to see why Straightpoint’s Wireless Loadshackles are the preferred choice of the Marine, Oil and Gas, and Entertainment Industries.

Straightpoint’s Cabled Loadshackles: Sturdy construction with advanced electronics and accuracy at an affordable Price

Compact and lightweight, the Straightpoint Cabled Loadshackle offers users a cost effective cabled load cell with many of the same features as the Straightpoint wireless load cells. With the reduced weight and headroom, the Straightpoint cabled loadshackle is also a great fit for low headroom applications. Also environmentally sealed, the cabled load cell range can be used with a variety of digital displays and outfitted with a variety of output formats.

Whether your application is for rigging load monitoring and lifting, off shore mooring anchor setting, or water weight testing and calibration, this robust, accurate load cell is a great choice at a cost effective price.

Straightpoint Wireless & Cabled Load Measurement Pins (LMP’s): If your application does not allow an end of line load cell

If you have an application that won’t allow use of an end of line load cell, or you must employ an integrated solution, Straightpoint Loadpins are the perfect solution. These sturdy load pins can be installed to monitor loads where a pin exists within a defined load path or can be fitted to experience a force.

Because of their applications they are often customized: manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel with an anti-rotation plate as a cabled or wireless solution. Wireless versions are available with hazardous area approval.

Built to withstand the harshest environments in industries such as marine tankers, offshore platforms, bridge support cables, and hoisting gear, Straightpoint Loadpins are reliable in exposed situations and may be manufactured to withstand seawater immersion in extreme depths. As with other Straightpoint load cell solutions, Straightpoint wireless and cabled load measurement pins may be supplied with a wide range of outputs.

Contact the load measurement experts at Dillon/DQ Plus; we’re sure to have a Straightpoint loadshackle or loadpin solution to meet your application’s requirements.